South-West Asia Service Medal (Canada) - Design


Designed by Carl Gauthier and Fraser Herald Cathy Bursey-Sabourin, the South-West Asia Service Medal is in the form of a 36 millimetres (1.4 in) diameter nickel plated gunmetal disc with, on the obverse, the Latin words ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA (Elizabeth II, by the Grace of God, Queen) and, separated by maple leaves, CANADA, all surrounding an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II wearing the George IV State Diadem, symbolizing her roles as both fount of honour and Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Forces. On the reverse is a depiction of the Lernaean Hydra transfixed by a Canadian sword, all circumscribed by the words ADVERSUS MALUM PUGNAMUS (we are fighting evil).

This medallion is worn at the left chest, suspended on a 31.8mm wide ribbon coloured with vertical stripes in tan (representing the theatre of operations), red (recalling the blood spilled on 11 September 2001), and black (evoking the shock of the attacks on New York and Washington), symmetrically flanking a white central stripe (indicating peace). Should an individual already possessing a South-West Asia Service Medal be awarded the medal bar for combat service, he or she is granted a clasp— in nickel plated gunmetal with raised edges and bearing the word AFGHANISTAN— for wear on the ribbon from which the original medal is suspended.

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