Source Rock

In petroleum geology, source rock refers to rocks from which hydrocarbons have been generated or are capable of being generated. They form one of the necessary elements of a working petroleum system. They are organic-rich sediments that may have been deposited in a variety of environments including deep water marine, lacustrine and deltaic. Oil shale can be regarded as an organic-rich but immature source rock from which little or no oil has been generated and expelled.

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... The petroleum exploration discovered a system of source rock in the North Falkland Basin capable of generating more than 102 kg of hydrocarbons per tonne of rock ... Although a great portion of the thickness of the source rock is geologically immature, it is capable of generating hydrocarbons below 2,000 metres ... The rock generating the largest quantity of hydrocarbons is located at a depth of nearly 3,000 metres ...
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... – Early Eocene Panna Formation is the main source rock, which has contributed to a large extent for hydrocarbon generation and accumulation ...

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