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Laura Pausini (1994 Album) - Personnel - Technical
... Fabrizio Pausini – executive production assistance Santanna Recording Studio Danilo Bastoni – studio director Gianni Salvatori – sound recording Sandro Chinellato – sound recording ...
List Of Toward The Terra Episodes - Production
... Editing Yutaka Fukuda Music Yasuharu Takanashi Music director Fumiko Harada Sound design Minoru Yamada (eNa) Sound recording engineer Shōji Hata Sound recording assistant Hiromi ...
Royalty Points - Music Royalties - Royalties in Digital Distribution - US Regulatory Provisions
... Act of 1976 identified “musical works” and “sound recordings” eligible for copyright protection ... of a song or a piece of music, while a “sound recording” results from its fixation on physical media ... Under the Act, record companies and recording artists are, presently, not entitled to royalties from radio and TV broadcasts of their music, except in the case of digital services and webcasts where ...
Digital Cinematography - Digital Vs. Film Cinematography - Technical Considerations - Sound
... Films are traditionally shot with dual-system recording, where picture is recorded on camera, and sync sound is recorded to a separate sound recording device ... Picture and sound are then synced up in post-production ... the just-closed clapper board sticks with their characteristic clap on the sound recording ...

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    Self-expression is not enough; experiment is not enough; the recording of special moments or cases is not enough. All of the arts have broken faith or lost connection with their origin and function. They have ceased to be concerned with the legitimate and permanent material of art.
    Jane Heap (c. 1880–1964)

    The freedom to make a fortune on the Stock Exchange has been made to sound more alluring than freedom of speech.
    John Mortimer (b. 1923)