Sosyo is an Indian aerated drink, produced and marketed mainly in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, India.

Sosyo is the product of the Swadeshi movement of Indian independence struggle. Mohsin Hajoori introduced Sosyo in 1927 in Surat, as an Indian option to the UK drink Vimto. Vimto was marketed in India since 1923 by Mohsin Hajoorin.

Originally Sosyo was called Whisky No, to attract alcoholics in the dry state of Gujarat, India. It was sealed with a marble in a factory in Salabatpura by Hajoori and Sons. The present name was derived from the Latin word 'Socious', since it became a social drink. The name 'Whisky No' was derived from the fact that Sosyo tastes like alcohol.

Sosyo is a mixture of grape and apple cider with some ingredients imported from Germany and Italy. It also has a blood building agent. There are die-hard Sosyo fans

50 million bottles of Sosyo are consumed every year, mainly in Surat and parts of Gujarat and Maharashtra where bottling plants are located. It is exported as far as UAE, South Africa, New Zealand, UK and USA. The exported bottles are marked as ‘An Indian Drink’ with a tri-coloured backdrop.

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