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The location of the Hungarian league winner teams is very Budapest centered. There have been seven clubs from Budapest who could win the Hungarian league. These have been Ferencváros, MTK, Újpest, Honvéd, Vasas, Csepel and Budapesti TC., however the latter was dissolved. The first non-Budapest team who could win the league title was Nagyváradi AC (the winner of the 1943−44 season). The dominance of the Budapest team was over in the 2000s when several clubs could win the trophy such as Dunaújváros, Zalaegerszeg, Videoton. Among which one club emerged and dominated the 2000s was from Hajdú-Bihar County called Debrecen. They have been able to win the Hungarian League title for six times.

Budapest teams:
Budapesti TC Debrecen Videoton Győr Vác Dunaújváros Zalaegerszeg Nagyvárad Location of Hungarian League title winner teams
Rank City Titles Winning Clubs Last victory
1. Budapest
2. Debrecen
Debrecen (6) 2012
3. Győr
Győr (3) 2013
4. Dunaújváros
Dunaújváros (1) 2000
4. Székesfehérvár
Videoton (1) 2011
4. Vác
Vác (1) 1994
4. Zalaegerszeg
Zalaegerszeg (1) 2002
4. Nagyvárad
Nagyvárad (1) 1944
  • The bolded teams are currently playing in the 2012-13 season of the Hungarian League.

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