Sonya Jehan

Sonya Jehan (Urdu: سونیا جہاں‎)(born Sonya Rizvi) is a Pakistani Bollywood actress of partial French descent. Jehan's debut film was the big-budget period epic romance Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story in 2005. Jehan's original name was Sonya Rizvi but she changed her last name to Jehan in honor of her grandmother, Noor Jehan, a legendary singer and actress in British India and Pakistan.

Jehan's father is Akbar Hussain Rizvi, who is the eldest son of Noor Jehan. Jehan's mother is Florence Rizvi, who is of French descent and lives in Karachi, Pakistan. She is the owner of one of Karachi's French restaurants, Cafe Flo. Jehan had her early education in Pakistan, she did her O-levels from Centre of Advanced Studies (CAS). And she did her A-Levels from The Lyceum School. She is Muslim by religion. Jehan received a degree in design from St. Martin's College of Art and Design and is currently married to Vivek Narain, an Indian banker.

Jehan was also featured in an ad for Lux Soap in 2005. In 2007, she appeared in the film Khoya Khoya Chand and she appeared in blockbuster movie My Name is Khan.

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