Sony Canada - Sony Canada’s Environmental Responsibility

Sony Canada’s Environmental Responsibility

Sony Canada has maintained a corporate stance on environmental sustainability, with the first corporately sponsored consumer electronics of any company in Canada. Sony accepts all of its products for recycling, at no additional cost. In April 2008, through a partnership with GEEP, Sony Canada established a network of collection sites across the country where customers can drop off any old Sony product for recycling, at no charge.

In October 2008, The Recycling Council of Ontario presented Sony Canada with the top-level Platinum award in the Business Category at the 2008 Waste Minimization Awards.

At the 70 Sony Style retail stores across Canada, Sony accepts all handheld Sony electronics for recycling (cameras, camcorders, etc.) at no charge, recycles rechargeable batteries, operates a VAIO notebook trade-in program, and uses 100% biodegradable bags.

In addition to its recycling programs, Sony is focused on environmentally conscious product design, fostering environmental education in youth, and making environmental improvements at its offices across Canada.

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