Sonic The Hedgehog Original Sound Track - Track List - Disc 3

Disc 3

  1. Dreams of an Absolution ~Theme of Silver the Hedgehog~
  2. The Ruined World of the Future
  3. Crisis City ~The Flame ~ Skyscraper ~ Whirlwind ~ Tornado~
  4. Confrontation With Iblis
  5. Iblis
  6. He's the Iblis Trigger!
  7. Dusty Desert ~The Ruins~
  8. Is it Right...
  9.  Invasion… Encounter With Amy and Elise
  10. Never Cry, no Matter What
  11. Determination… Return to the Future
  12. The Last Clash With Iblis
  13. Iblis Phase 3
  14. You are my Companion
  15. Mephiles' Smile
  16. Elise's Tears
  17. The Villain was Set Free
  18. The Resurrection of Solaris
  19. The Time-Space Rift
  20. End of the World
  21. Wishing Upon the Chaos Emeralds
  22. Solaris Phase 1
  23. Solaris Phase 2
  24. Solaris Destroyed
  25. The Flame of Hope
  26. Just Smile
  27. Parade / Past Memories
  28. My Destiny ~Theme of Elise~
  29. My Destiny ~Theme of Elise~ (Karaoke Version)

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