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One day, Jet is doing nothing in his ship, when Storm announces that there's a visitor, who is Eggman. Eggman knows that Jet has the key to Babylon Garden, and tells him that he needs the Chaos Emeralds to make Babylon Garden rise. After stealing an Emerald, the Rogues enter the World Grand Prix to get the other Emeralds. Prior to the second race, Wave goes over to Team Sonic and Amy, where she makes fun of Tails's work, implanting a bomb in the process. Following Storm's loss to Knuckles, Jet orders him to infiltrate Eggman's factory, and he returns with Eggman's electronic diary, which speaks of a legendary treasure that was made by the Babylonians, which let a boy conquer the world. Seeing the value in this, Jet defeats Sonic in the final race (due to Wave's bomb), follows Eggman to Babylon Garden after he steals the cube. While Jet and Sonic are racing, Wave, Storm, Knuckles, and Tails meet again in Babylon Garden. However, Eggman's robots start chasing them, forcing them to flee. After Eggman is defeated and the cube is given back to Jet, they proceed to open a secret door using the cube, which leads them to a strange room. When Team Sonic hears a loud growling, they proceed to follow, finding the Rogues and the Babylon Guardian. After defeating the Guardian, a chest appears, and Sonic and Jet open it, revealing a carpet. Unfortunately, Eggman followed them in as well, and forces Sonic and Jet to give him the treasure. When they give Eggman the carpet, he is uttely confused, under the belief that the Babylon treasure was an item of great power, and he passes out. Under closer inspection, the carpet is actually an EX Gear, and using the cube, it starts flying, hence the name "Magic Carpet". After this, Team Sonic and the Babylon Rogues depart and go their own ways.

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