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There are many different versions to the same song. These are as follows;

  • Album Version - The version that appears on just about every CD release. Has an extended intro and outro that sounds like a destructive storm.
  • Game Version - The version that actually appears in the Sonic Adventure (and DX version) video game. Basically the same as the album version, but doesn't have the opening and closing storm sounds. It also has an extra vocal bit at the beginning of Johnny Gioeli yelling "Alright!"
  • Original Soundtrack Version - The version that appears on the Original Soundtrack (OST) 2CD set. It is the same as the Game Version, but has a bunch of the extra vocal bits cut out.
  • Perfect Chaos Version - The version that is played during the first half of the final boss battle with Perfect Chaos. Vocals-wise, it is just the first verse then the chorus and then loops back to the first verse. This version of the song is also selectable for background music on the Wii game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl once Sonic becomes playable.
  • MJZ Remix - A laid-back remix that can be unlocked in the video game Sonic Gems Collection.
  • Transmutor Vs. Razed In Black Remix - A remix that appears on the Sonic Adventure Remix album. Very fast paced and industrial-based.
  • Chris Vrenna & Mark Blasques Remix - Another remix appearing on the Sonic Adventure Remix album. This one stays more true to the original song vocal-wise (although it contains some original lyrics), while still adding a techno twist to it. Chris Vrenna is known for his remixes of Nine Inch Nails and P.O.D. songs.
  • Demo Version - The original version of the song that features Jun Senoue as the lead vocalist.
  • Crush 40 V.S. Bentley Jones Remix- This version was released on the True Blue album. It is produced, arranged and co-performed by Bentley Jones and features the original guitar riffs with a new electronic arrangement.
  • Super Sonic Songs Version - The version that appears on The Best of Crush 40: Super Sonic Songs. It has the storm sounds at the beginning, like the Album Version, but also has "Alright!" like in the Game Version, although it goes on just bit longer. Additionally, the backup vocals are more electronic sounding.
  • Crush 40 vs. Circuit Freq Remix - Newer, heavier version for the fight with Perfect Chaos in the console versions of Sonic Generations.

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