Songs About My Cats

Songs About My Cats is a 2001 album by Venetian Snares. It is also his first solo album on the Planet Mu label (Making Orange Things, released barely one month prior to Songs About My Cats on Planet Mu, was a collaboration with Speedranch).

The album features influence from many separate styles. The most prominent influence is ambient music, however, certain songs also show influence from jazz music, such as "Pouncelciot", which uses samples from an improvisation by Mark Kaminsky, and even influence from classical music and salsa music appear on the album.

Both "Katzesorge" tracks are identical except that the second has a drone akin to a cat's purr in the background for most of the song.

Many tracks contain cat-related samples, including the Meow Mix jingle. Other tracks contain other cat references in their titles. Chinaski, Kakarookee, Fluff Master, and Bobo are all cats that have belonged to Funk at one point or another. Nepetalactone is a chemical found in catnip. Bertha Rand was the infamous "cat lady" of Winnipeg, Funk's hometown. The final track, "Look", consists of what sounds like filtered static, that reveals several pictures of Funk's cats when put through a spectrogram program.

Famous quotes containing the words cats and/or songs:

    Proportion ... You can’t help thinking about it in these London streets, where it doesn’t exist.... It’s like listening to a symphony of cats to walk along them. Senseless discords and a horrible disorder all the way.... A concert of Brobdingnagian cats. Order has been turned into a disgusting chaos. We need no barbarians from outside; they’re on the premises, all the time.
    Aldous Huxley (1894–1963)

    In her days every man shall eat in safety
    Under his own vine what he plants, and sing
    The merry songs of peace to all his neighbors.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)