Songül Öden - Gümüş


It was originally aired from 2005 to 2007 on Kanal D. But it achieved more success when it broadcast on MBC for Arab viewers after it was dubbed into modern Arabic dialect having an Arabic name "Noor" meaning light.

The show obtained a huge success to the extend there becomes a Noor-mania throughout Arabic people all around the world. Songül Öden as "Noor" or "Gümüş" attracted viewer's attention as the pretty, strong and emotional woman. Female viewers became more attached to this show because of "Noor" or "Gümüş" as she represents the role-model for married women in particular.

"Gümüş," is a successful woman who is also a loving, caring wife who struggles to have a successful life with her husband throughout many problems. 85 million viewers watched the translated Turkish soap opera throughout the Arab World and 50 millions of them were females. Female viewers commented that they related to the character of "Noor" because they thought she was independent as an individual. In fact, she has a high profile job as a successful fashion designer and also as a wife and a mother.

"Noor," presents a more moderate society, one that values traditions and family, but also gives freedom, power and independence to women. Thus, "Noor" gives them hope and strength for the future.

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