Somogyi is a Hungarian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Csaba Somogyi (born 1985, Dunaújváros), is a Hungarian football player
  • Ervin V. Somogyi (born 1944), pioneer of steel string guitar making
  • Ferenc Somogyi (born 1945., Hartkirchen, Austria), Hungarian Ambassador to the United States
  • Jennie Somogyi, New York City Ballet principal dancer
  • József Somogyi (born May 23, 1968), Hungarian football player
  • László Somogyi (1907, Budapest – 1988, Geneva, Switzerland), Hungarian conductor
  • Michael Somogyi (1883–1971) A professor of biochemistry, at the Washington University, who discovered the «Somogyi effect» of insulin overdosage
  • Zoltan Somogyi, senior lecturer at the University of Melbourne 's department of Computer and Information Systems

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Csaba Somogyi
... Csaba Somogyi (born 7 April 1985) is a Hungarian football player who plays as a goalkeeper ... After playing for several years in his native Hungary, on 8 July 2011 Somogyi signed for English club Fulham from Hungarian side Rákospalotai EAC on a one-year deal, with the option to extend his contract ... Somogyi made the bench for the first time as substitute goalkeeper for Fulham's away Premier League game against West Bromwich Albion at The Hawthorns on 1 January 2013 ...
Chronic Somogyi Rebound - Detection
... The first line of defense in preventing chronic Somogyi rebound is additional blood glucose testing ... is the preferred method to detect and prevent the Somogyi rebound, but this technology is not yet widely used ... Sometimes a person with diabetes will experience the Somogyi rebound when awake and notice symptoms of the initial low blood sugar or symptoms of the rebound ...
Michael Somogyi - Biography
... Michael Somogyi was born on March 7, 1883 in the village of Zsámánd in Hungary, Austria-Hungary (today Reinersdorf, part of Heiligenbrunn, Austria) ... That year Somogyi returned to Budapest to become chief chemist at the municipal laboratory ... in the USA in October 1922 was done with a preparation of insulin produced by Somogyi ...
Somogyi - See Also
... Chronic Somogyi rebound, the «Somogyi effect» of insulin overdosage This page or section lists people with the surname Somogyi ...
Chronic Somogyi Rebound
... Chronic Somogyi rebound, also called the Somogyi effect and posthypoglycemic hyperglycemia, is a rebounding high blood sugar that is a response to low ... Michael Somogyi, a Hungarian-born professor of biochemistry at the Washington University and Jewish Hospital of St ... Somogyi showed that excessive insulin makes diabetes unstable and first published his findings in 1938 ...