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History of Solution Focused Brief Therapy
... Solution Focused Brief Therapy is one of a family of approaches, known as systems therapies, that have been developed over the past 50 years or so, first in the ... Kim Berg and their team at The Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee, USA ... The concept of brief therapy was independently discovered by several therapists in their own practices over several decades (notably Milton Erickson), was ...
Mastering The Art Of Solution-Focused Counseling
... Mastering the Art of Solution-Focused Counseling is a 2006 book by mental health counselor, educator, and author Jeffrey Guterman that describes the theory and practice of ... In the 1990s, Guterman developed a solution focused brief therapy model called solution-focused counseling ... His model is an integration of solution-focused principles and techniques, postmodern theories, and a strategic approach to eclecticism ...
Les Greenberg
... African psychologist and one of the originators and primary developers of Emotion-Focused Therapy for individuals and couples (EFT a.k.a ... Emotionally Focused Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy for Couples ) ... in Toronto, Ontario and also Director of the Emotion-Focused Therapy Clinic and the York University Psychotherapy Research Center, both at York University in Toronto ...
Student National Medical Association - 2011-2012 Program Focus
... the 2010-2011 programmatic strategy that is focused on envisioning the SNMA's organizational future, engaging the SNMA membership, and empowering underserved ... this initiative involves the Membership Engagement and Development (MED) Forums, which are focused meetings designed to provide enrichment for participants in ... The second component is “Project Success", which is focused on enhancing the academic support provided by the SNMA for its membership ...
Solution Focused Brief Therapy
... Solution focused brief therapy (SFBT), often referred to as simply 'solution focused therapy' or 'brief therapy', is a type of talking therapy that is based upon social ... It focuses on what clients want to achieve through therapy rather than on the problem(s) that made them seek help ... Solution focused therapists believe that change is constant ...

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    Show business is the best possible therapy for remorse.
    Anita Loos (1888–1981)

    To the questions of the officiously meddling police Falter replied absently and tersely; but, when he finally grew tired of this pestering, he pointed out that, having accidentally solved “the riddle of the universe,” he had yielded to artful exhortation and shared that solution with his inquisitive interlocutor, whereupon the latter had died of astonishment.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)

    In the nineteenth century ... explanations of who and what women were focused primarily on reproductive events—marriage, children, the empty nest, menopause. You could explain what was happening in a woman’s life, it was believed, if you knew where she was in this reproductive cycle.
    Grace Baruch (20th century)