Solar Thermal Energy - Heat Storage

Heat Storage

Heat storage allows a solar thermal plant to produce electricity at night and on overcast days. This allows the use of solar power for baseload generation as well as peak power generation, with the potential of displacing both coal- and natural gas-fired power plants. Additionally, the utilization of the generator is higher which reduces cost.

Heat is transferred to a thermal storage medium in an insulated reservoir during the day, and withdrawn for power generation at night. Thermal storage media include pressurized steam, concrete, a variety of phase change materials, and molten salts such as calcium, sodium and potassium nitrate.

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... is the first commercial solar plant in the world with central tower receiver and molten salt heat storage technology ... an expected net production of 110 GWh/year and a 15-hour storage capacity in the absence of solar radiation ... The inclusion of the molten salt heat storage system allows the plant to produce electricity even when there is no solar radiation ...
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... The smoke-sauna stove is also used with a sealed stone compartment and chimney (a heat storage-stove) which eliminates the smoke odour and eye irritation of the smoke ... A heat storage stove does not give up much heat in the sauna before bathing since the stone compartment has an insulated lid ... This heat is soft and clean because, thanks to combustion, the stove stones glow red, even white-hot, and are freed of dust at the same time ...
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... A common method is the storage of molten nitrate salt in large tanks this is the technology used in Solar Tres Power Tower ... The Cloncurry plant uses the new technology of heat storage in blocks of purified graphite ... The heat for electricity production is drawn from the blocks (i.e ...
Heat Storage

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... Calcium nitrate together with Potassium and Sodium nitrate is used to absorb and store energy in the Concentrated Solar Power plants ... It can be used as a heat transfer fluid instead of the thermal oil ...

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