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Economy Of The Maldives - Poverty, Income and Gender Inequality - Current Efforts
... these issues of income and gender disparities and with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Maldives has implemented policies that directly ...
Leonard McCoy - Development
... Kelley's first broadcast appearance as Doctor Leonard McCoy was in "The Man Trap" (1966) ... Despite his character's prominence, Kelley's contract granted him only a "featuring" credit it was not until the second season that he was given "starring" credit, at the urging of producer Robert Justman ...
Economy Of The Maldives - Investment in Education
... already committed $17 million for education development in 2000-04, and plans to commit further $15 million for human development and distance learning during this period ... ADB planned to support post-secondary education development in Maldives ...
List of Commercial Open Source Applications and Services
3,4) AdverTool Advertising campaign management 1.1 Advertisement tool 2010 Alfresco (1,3,4) Alfresco Enterprise content management, web content management 2.2 Alfresco 2006 AppStacks (3 ... Asterisk 2004 Avactis (1,3,4) Avactis eCommerce software 2.0 Avactis shopping cart 2001 Bacula (1,3,4) Bacula Data backup/recovery 2.7 Bacula ? Berkeley DB ... Enterprise Edition 5.1.1 2001 Jumper 2.0 (4) Jumper Networks Universal search tool powered by enterprise social bookmarking Project Jumper 2008 Kaltura (1,3) Kaltura ...
Batman (1989 film) - Production - Development
... was less willing to move forward on development, despite their enthusiasm for Hamm's script, which Batman co-creator Bob Kane greeted with positive feedback ...

Famous quotes containing the words tools and/or development:

    The study of tools as well as of books should have a place in the public schools. Tools, machinery, and the implements of the farm should be made familiar to every boy, and suitable industrial education should be furnished for every girl.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    Every new development for the last three centuries has brought men closer to a state of affairs in which absolutely nothing would be recognized in the whole world as possessing a claim to obedience except the authority of the State. The majority of people in Europe obey nothing else.
    Simone Weil (1909–1943)