Soft Consonants

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Russian Phonetics - Vowels - Allophony - Unstressed Vowels
... In most unstressed positions, only three phonemes are distinguished after hard consonants, and only two after soft consonants ... The realization of unstressed /o/ and /a/ goes as follows After hard consonants, both reduce to or appears in the syllable immediately before the stress and in absolute word-initial ... Both /o/ and /a/ merge with /i/ after soft consonants and /j/ (/o/ is written as ⟨e⟩ in these positions) ...
Polish Phonology - Consonants - Hard and Soft Consonants
... of Proto-Slavic and Polish created quite a complex system of what are often called 'soft' and 'hard' consonants ... patterns and other morphological processes, although exact definitions of 'soft' and 'hard' may differ somewhat ... 'Soft' generally refers to the palatal nature of a consonant ...

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