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Salt - Health Effects - Recommended Intake
... Recommended intakes of salt are usually expressed in terms of sodium intake ... Salt (as sodium chloride) contains 39.3 percent of sodium by weight ... Country Description Sodium intake mg per day Salt intake mg per day Authority Remarks United Kingdom The Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI) defined for a typical adult RNI 1600 RNI 4000 Scientific ...
Essential Hypertension - Risk Factors
... in glomerular filtration rate is related to aging and this results in decreasing efficiency of sodium excretion ... disease and capillary rarefaction may relate to this decrease in efficiency of sodium excretion ... Another risk factor is salt (sodium) sensitivity which is an environmental factor that has received the greatest attention ...
DASH Diet - DASH-Sodium Study Results and Conclusions
... The primary outcome of the DASH-Sodium study was systolic blood pressure at the end of the 30 day dietary intervention periods ... The DASH-Sodium study found that reductions in sodium intake produced significantly lower systolic and diastolic blood pressures in both the control and DASH diets ... Study results indicate that the quantity of dietary sodium in the control diet was twice as powerful in its effect on blood pressure as it was in the DASH diet ...

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    Every reader of the Dreiser novels must cherish astounding specimens—of awkward, platitudinous marginalia, of whole scenes spoiled by bad writing, of phrases as brackish as so many lumps of sodium hyposulphite.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)