Socialist Revolution

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Pyotr Lavrov - Revolutionary Ideology
... hope that Russia might join in the greater European socialist movement ... Despite Lavrov's historical analysis, he still believed a socialist revolution was possible in Russia ... contemporaries, Georgi Plekhanov, believed that a socialist revolution would only come with the development of a revolutionary workers’ party ...
History - Trotskyism and The 1917 Russian Revolution
... During his leadership of the Russian revolution of 1905, Trotsky argued that once it became clear that the Tsar's army would not come out in support of the workers, it was necessary to retreat before ... Stalin wrote As a result of his role in the Russian Revolution of 1917, the theory of Permanent Revolution was embraced by the young Soviet state until 1924 ... The Russian revolution of 1917 was marked by two revolutions the relatively spontaneous February 1917 revolution, and the 25 October 1917 seizure of power by the Bolsheviks, who ...
New Democracy - Concept
... This is the coalition of classes for Mao's "New Democratic Revolution" as he described it in his works ... of the modes of production under which a socialist revolution can take place, is that the socialist revolution occurs only after the capitalist bourgeois-democra ... According to this, the bourgeois-democratic revolution paves the way for the industrial proletarian class to emerge as the majority class in society, after which it then overthrows capitalism and begins constructing ...
History Of The Communist Party Of The Soviet Union - Bolsheviks During The 1917 Revolution - 6th Party Congress
... political line at the new stage of the revolution ... The congress declared that the peaceful development of the revolution was over and that power in the country had virtually passed into the hands of the counter-revolutio ... by Preohrazhensky, who contended that the socialist revolution could not win in Russia and that Russia could not take the socialist road unless a proletarian revolution was accomplished in the ...

Famous quotes containing the words revolution and/or socialist:

    ... rhetoric never won a revolution yet.
    Shirley Chisholm (b. 1924)

    Men conceive themselves as morally superior to those with whom they differ in opinion. A Socialist who thinks that the opinions of Mr. Gladstone on Socialism are unsound and his own sound, is within his rights; but a Socialist who thinks that his opinions are virtuous and Mr. Gladstone’s vicious, violates the first rule of morals and manners in a Democratic country; namely, that you must not treat your political opponent as a moral delinquent.
    George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)