Snap Shot

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Glossary Of Ice Hockey Terms - S
... Screened shot A shot that the goaltender cannot see due to other players obscuring it ... Shot on goal A shot that will enter the goal if it is not stopped by the goaltender ... A shot on goal must result in either a goal or a save (shots that hit the main pipes of the goal are not counted as shots) ...
Snap Shot (ice Hockey)
... A snap shot is an abbreviated Wrist shot in ice hockey ... The purpose of the snap shot is to combine the main advantages of the wrist shot (shot accuracy and quick delivery) and slap shot (puck speed) ... The snap shot is accomplished with a quick snap of the wrists while the puck rests in place ...
The Scissors - The Flat Scissors
... repeated brief passes it is occasionally possible to get off what is called a "snap shot" (A snap shot is an opportunistic shot of brief duration, brief because of the rapid change of the LOS (line-of-sight) to the ... The preferable "tracking shot" opportunity lasts longer as long as the attacker can maintain a constant LOS to the bandit, accomplished by maneuvering in the same plane of motion as the bandit ... into the same plane of motion as a bandit and setting up a tracking shot is called "getting into the saddle" or "saddling up".) at the opponent fighter, although due to the typically close range ...

Famous quotes containing the words shot and/or snap:

    There is only one element that can break the Afrikaner, and that is the Afrikaner himself. It is when the Afrikaner, like a baboon shot in the stomach, pulls out his own intestines. We must guard against that.
    —P.W. (Pieter Willem)

    The worst and best are both inclined
    To snap like vixens at the truth.
    But, O, beware the middle mind
    That purrs and never shows a tooth!
    Elinor Wylie (1885–1928)