Smooth Plains

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List Of Craters On Mercury - Terminology
... involving both crater or basin materials and nearby plains materials ... Floors consist of crater or smooth plains materials ... Superposed craters and rays common smooth plains and intermediate plains materials cover floors of many craters ...
Shakespeare Quadrangle - Geologic History
... exposed at the surface begins with the formation of intercrater plains material and of impact craters both older and younger than these plains ... were superposed on the intercrater plains ... The intermediate plains material and lineated plains unit were emplaced over the intercrater plains, as were most craters of c3 age ...
Borealis Quadrangle - Stratigraphy
... Within the Borealis region, three widespread plains units are recognized largely by their obvious differences in crater density, which is closely related to ... (oldest) to least cratered (youngest), these units are intercrater plains material, intermediate plains material, and smooth plains material ... one uses the lunar surface as a frame of reference, the crater density of Mercurian plains in the Borealis region is bracketed by that of the lunar uplands, the most heavily cratered lunar surface, and that of ...
Tolstoj Quadrangle
... deposits of the Caloris Group that are embayed and covered by broad expanses of smooth plains ... deposits, by nondescript rolling to hummocky plains materials between individual craters, and by isolated patches of nondescript plains ... the area its extensive ejecta blanket and secondary crater field are superposed on the smooth plains surrounding Caloris ...
Caloris Group - Odin Formation
... The Odin Formation, which was originally called the hummocky plains by Trask and Guest, was described by them as consisting of low, closely spaced to scattered smooth hills about 0.3 to 1 km across and from tens of ... with the rim to the Caloris Basin, and the plains appear corrugated ... between the hills is similar in appearance to the smooth plains in some areas the Odin Formation may be partly flooded by smooth plains materials, but for ...

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