Smart Device

A smart device is an electronic device that is cordless (unless while being charged), mobile (easily transportable), always connected (via WiFi, 3G, 4G etc.) and is capable of voice and video communication, internet browsing, "geo-location" (for search purposes) and that can operate to some extent autonomously. It is widely believed that these types of devices will outnumber any other forms of smart computing and communication in a very short time. The most famous devices at time of writing are the Apple iPhone and iPad, followed by devices such as the Samsung Galaxy tablet. The term can also refer to a ubiquitous computing device: a device that exhibits some properties of ubiquitous computing including artificial intelligence. Smart devices can be designed to:

  • support a variety of form factors
  • support a range of properties pertaining to ubiquitous computing
  • be used in any combination of three main system environments: physical world, human-centred environments and distributed computing environments.

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