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Thin Film Rechargeable Lithium Battery - Applications - Smart Cards
... Smart cards have the same size as a credit card, but they contain a microchip that can be used to access information, give authorization, or process an ... These cards can go through harsh production conditions, with temperatures in the range of 130 to 150°C, in order to complete the high temperature, high pressure lamination processes ...
List Of Smart Cards
... Example of widely used contactless smart cards are London's Oyster card, Hong Kong's Octopus card, Tokyo's Suica and Pasmo cards, Nigeria's ETC Card, Paris ... The following tables list smart cards used for public transportation and other electronic purse applications ... terminal CFT Smartcard used for paying for public transportation in the Helsinki area the card is read remotely ...
Access Badge
... The most common technologies are magnetic stripe, proximity, barcode, smart cards and various biometric devices ... The magnetic strip ID card was invented by Forrest Parry in 1960 ... The access badge contains a number that is read by a card reader ...
Contactless Smart Card - Applications - Identification
... A quickly growing application is in digital identification cards ... In this application, the cards are used for authentication of identity ... The smart card will store an encrypted digital certificate issued from the PKI along with any other relevant or needed information about the card holder ...
Digital Ticket - Implementation - Smart Card-based System - Storage
... Tickets are stored on the smart cards ... The smart cards can be provided by both the users and the service providers ... The performance of current smart cards is limited, which makes asynchronous trading difficult ...

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