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History Of The Single-lens Reflex Camera - Chronology - Pre-19th Century
... (Germany) described first known use of a reflex mirror in a camera obscura ... The camera obscura was known to Aristotle as an aid in observing solar eclipses, but its use as an artist's aid was first expounded by Giambattista della Porta (Italy) in 1558 ... The reflex mirror corrected the up-down image reversal that could make using a non-SLR camera obscura disconcerting – but not the left-right reversal ...
Minolta - History - Milestones
1929 Marketed the company's first camera, the "Nifcarette" (ニフカレッテ) ... Minolta Flex is Japan's second twin-lens reflex camera (after the Prince Flex by Neumann Heilemann). 1947 Introduction of the long lived 35mm rangefinder camera Minolta-35 1958 The Minolta SR-2 is Minolta's first single-lens reflex camera ...
Dresden-built Contax SLR Models
... The new design chief Wilhelm Winzenberg was not involved in the camera side of Zeiss-Ikon, this also allowed a brand-new Contax design to be developed, to follow Hubert Nerwin's wartime plan to make a ... housing mechanism, making it dimensionally impossible to use it for a satisfactory SLR camera ... While the 35 mm SLR camera had already appeared before the war, its major disadvantage was the waist-level finder which gave a laterally reversed image ...

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