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Country-western Two-step - Texas Two Step - QQSS
... Originally called the Texas Shuffle Step (or Foxtrot step), at some point this became better known as Texas Two Step, which is now the most common dance with that name ... with 4/4 time signature, it consists of four steps with timing quick, quick, slow, slow, where the pattern of movement is often referred to as "Step-together, walk, walk." This Two Step has been ... The Two Step can be danced over a fairly wide range of tempos, such as 130 bpm to over 200 bpm ...
Seann Triubhas - List of Steps
4 steps (3 slow steps and 1 quick step) 6 ... steps (4 slow steps and 2 quick steps) 2 ... The first step must always be done to start the dance, but the rest of the steps are up to the dancer to choose ... levels the SOBHD will release a different order of steps for each year to be danced in championship competitions.) (Dancers taking theory exams may also need to know all of these steps, as well as their ...

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    The steps toward the emancipation of women are first intellectual, then industrial, lastly legal and political. Great strides in the first two of these stages already have been made of millions of women who do not yet perceive that it is surely carrying them towards the last.
    Ellen Battelle Dietrick, U.S. suffragist. As quoted in History of Woman Suffrage, vol. 4, ch. 13, by Susan B. Anthony and Ida Husted Harper (1902)

    Lords and Commoners of England, consider what nation it is whereof ye are, and whereof ye are the governors; a nation not slow and dull, but of a quick, ingenious and piercing spirit, acute to invent, subtle and sinewy to discourse, not beneath the reach of any point the highest that human capacity can soar to.
    John Milton (1608–1674)