Sloan may refer to:

  • MIT Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Sloan (band), a Canadian rock band
  • Sloan Digital Sky Survey, a major astronomical survey
    • Sloan Great Wall, a galactic filament discovered by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
  • Sloan Fellowship, a research grant to young scientists and scholars who show significant potential; many recipients have subsequently won a Nobel Prize
  • Sloan Fellows program is a mid-career master's degree program in general management
  • Sloan Valve Company, a manufacturer of plumbing systems
  • Urania sloanus, or "Sloan's Urania", a species of moth


  • Sloan, Indiana, United States (extinct)
  • Sloan, Iowa, United States
  • Sloan, Nevada, United States
  • Sloan, New York, United States


  • Alfred P. Sloan (1875–1966), the long-time president and chairman of General Motors
    • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the world
  • Ed Sloan (born 1973), American musician, member of the band Crossfade
  • Frankie Sloan (born 1970), British professional wrestler
  • Hugh Sloan (born 1940), American political aide, treasurer of Richard Nixon's 1972 campaign committee
  • Ian Sloan, Australian mathematician
  • Jerry Sloan (born 1942), American basketball player and coach, most famous for his long tenure (1988–2011) as coach of the Utah Jazz
  • Jessica Sloan, Canadian paralympic swimmer. won six gold medals at the 2000 Summer Paralympics
  • John French Sloan (1871–1951), American painter
  • Melanie Sloan, Executive Director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington
  • Norm Sloan (1926–2003), American basketball coach
  • P. F. Sloan (born 1945), American songwriter and musician
  • Paddy Sloan (1921–1993), Northern Irish footballer and coach
  • Richard E. Sloan (1857–1933), American politician, Governor of Arizona Territory (1909–1912)
  • Samuel K. Sloan, (born 1949), Jewish-American Slice of SciFi satellite radio news director and pioneer podcasting entertainment news producer
  • Stewart Sloan, Scottish-born Honk Kong author
  • Tod Sloan (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Tommy Sloan (born 1925), Scottish footballer
  • Victor Sloan (born 1945), Irish visual artist
  • William Gibson Sloan (1838–1914), Scottish evangelist to the Faroe Islands

Fictional characters:

  • Luther Sloan, a character in Star Trek
  • Inspector C.D "Seedy" Sloan, a detective in the Sloan and Crosby novels created by Catherine Aird
  • Sloan (Inheritance), a character in the Inheritance book cycle
  • Sloan McQuewick, Eric's fiancé in the TV series Entourage (TV Series)
  • Sloan Parker, a character in Prey (TV series)
  • Dr. Mark Sloan, a character in Grey's Anatomy (TV Series)
  • Dr. Mark Sloan, a character in Diagnosis: Murder (TV Series)
  • Police Detective/Lieutenant Steve Sloan, a character in Diagnosis: Murder (TV Series)

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