• (verb): Make slick or smooth.
    Synonyms: slick
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List Of Palm OS Devices - Sony CLIÉ - T Series
... PEG-T415 -- Palm OS 4.1 vibe-alarm feature thin, sleek, metal case PEG-T615C -- Palm OS 4.1 thin, sleek, metal case PEG-T665C -- Palm OS 4.1 MP3 player thin ...
Sleek Geeks
... Sleek Geeks is an Australian science television series, hosted by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Adam Spencer ... aired from 3 January 2008, and was based on Kruszelnicki and Spencer's Sleek Geek Week travelling roadshow, as well as Kruszelnicki's Great Moments in Science broadcasts on Triple J radio ... Sleek Geeks was one of the first batch of television programs offered for sale in Australia on the iTunes Store ...
Pizza (TV series) - Cast - Guest Appearances
... a police detective Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsen - as Selina, one of Sleek's numerous girlfriends ... King Jack Levi (Elliot Goblet) - as a Health Inspector and Driving Instructor Lex Marinos - as Sleek's lawyer Ada Nicodemou - plays a female police officer who arrests Sleek ...
List Of Palm OS Devices - IBM - WorkPad
20X (rebadged Palm III) WorkPad 30X (rebadged Palm IIIx) WorkPad c3 (rebadged Palm V/Vx) thin, sleek, metal case WorkPad c500 (rebadged Palm m500) thin ...
Pizza (TV series) - Episodes - Season One - 2000
... Bobo, Bobo's mother, Claudia MacPherson, Pauly and Sleek, who is beginning his first shift ... following an altercation with Bobo, Sleek also attempts to file a law suit, against a Wrestler, meanwhile, the filming of a "James Bond" movie takes place at a nearby Movie studio ... taken to Hospital and requiring surgury, while this is happening, Sleek and Pauly take a road trip to the Gold Coast, along the way they have their share of stories and ...

More definitions of "sleek":

  • (adj): Well-groomed and neatly tailored; especially too well-groomed.
    Example: "Sleek figures in expensive clothes"

Famous quotes containing the word sleek:

    About the Shark, phlegmatical one,
    Pale sot of the Maldive sea,
    The sleek little pilot-fish, azure and slim,
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)

    Billie Holiday’s burned voice
    had as many shadows as lights,
    a mournful candelabra against a sleek piano,
    the gardenia her signature under that ruined face.
    If you can’t be free, be a mystery.
    Rita Dove (b. 1952)

    But even at the starting post, all sleek and new,
    I saw the wildness in her and I thought
    A vision of terror that it must live through
    Had shattered her soul.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)