Ski Slope

  • (noun): A snow-covered slope for skiing.

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Dry Ski Slope
... A dry ski slope or artificial ski slope is a ski slope that mimics the attributes of snow using materials that are stable at room temperature, to enable people to ski where ... Although commonly known as "dry ski slopes", many slopes are lubricated using a mist or jet system to increase speed and prevent damage to equipment from friction heat ...
Alpine Lake, West Virginia
... Other amenities nearby include Deep Creek Lake and Wisp Ski Resort ... At one time, Alpine Lake operated a small ski slope ... However, the ski operation at Alpine Lake was dismantled several years ago, mainly for insurance reasons ...
Wycombe Summit - Indoor Ski Slope
... SnowDome Group submitted plans to construct an indoor ski slope to Wycombe District Council, who approved the plans on 5 December 2007 ... The plans included a 100m artificial snow slope, an academy slope, a leisure ice rink, a children's snow play area and a Starbucks Coffee outlet ... SnowDome Group Ltd said that the old dry ski slope would be retained, making the new Wycombe SnowDome the only site in the UK to have artificial snow and dry slopes on ...

Famous quotes containing the word ski:

    The goal for all blind skiers is more freedom. You don’t have to see where you’re going, as long as you go. In skiing, you ski with your legs and not with your eyes. In life, you experience things with your mind and your body. And if you’re lacking one of the five senses, you adapt.
    Lorita Bertraun, Blind American skier. As quoted in WomenSports magazine, p. 29 (January 1976)