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Mike (ミケ?)
Voiced by: Tomoko Kaneda
A Hakata-ben speaking calico cat who functions as the protagonist among the cat characters. Mike is noted for her mean glare and rough demeanor, but has a surprisingly weak, cute cry that belies these traits. Her name derives from the Japanese term for a calico cat.
Hā (ハー?)
Voiced by: Shizuka Itō
A dark-eyed female, named for the sound of her cry. She has an affected manner of speech, adding "-nya" to the end of each sentence. Initially unable to climb to high places, but seems to have overcome this. Is bilingual, and thus able to communicate with the foreign cat Buchi.
Grey (グレ, Gure?)
Voiced by: Sayaka Ōhara
Mike's son, with white and gray fur and thin gray stripes on his back and cheeks. Temporarily a house-cat, but appears to have returned to being a stray. Appears during the anthropomorphic episodes, but remains incapable of speech.
Shamu (シャム?)
Though terrified of humans, Shamu is an extremely tough, powerful cat, strong enough to single-handedly defeat the three-cat alliance of Mike, Hā, and Grey. He is not a stray, but an owned cat, and wears a collar.
Shiro (シロ?)
Named for his white color. Very affectionate towards humans, and as a result, frequently stepped on.
Kuma (クマ?)
Voiced by: Jōji Nakata
Possessing a preternaturally large head, with its features bunched far too close to the center, Kuma is a cat whose species identity is often called into question. He has an overbearing personality and an arrogant manner of speaking, exemplified by his use of the first-person pronoun wagahai. His wish to become a house cat is eventually fulfilled when he is taken in by the Kamiya family. His character contrasts sharply with that of his real-life model, a cute and quiet cat.
Yutanpo (ユタンポ?)
Friendly, well-mannered pet cat belonging to Kuga Kokage. Unlike the above-listed cats, has no real-life model. His name means "hot water bottle".
Buchi (ぶち?)
Voiced by: Miho Saiki
Kate's pet, a grey and white Persian cat. As a foreigner, Buchi speaks a different language from the native cats ("cat-English") and is only able to communicate with the bilingual Hā.
Nise (ニセ?)
Another calico cat named Mike, called Nise ("Imitation") by the original Mike. She resembles Mike, but is far cuter. Kajiwara christens her "Mike II".
Woo (ウー, Ū?)
A one-eared tabby cat, named for the sound of his cry. The author, Kobako, met Woo's real-life counterpart in a park.
Bee (ベー?)
A third calico - Mike III. Note that the pronunciation is similar to the English word bay rather than bee.
Doku (ドク?)
Mike IV.
Jaodd (ジャオッド?)
A cat whom Kajiwara attempts to name first "Hā", then "Shiro", before being informed that she has already assigned these names to other cats. Her brother then suggests "Odd" (as in "odd-eyed cat") but Sora mishears this as "Jaodd".
Tama (タマ?)

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