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Confer counterfactual conditional. Sireniki can compress it into an adverbial participle: it is expressed with suffix -/ɣɨjɨqɨɣɨ/- / -/majɨqɨɣɨ/-.

The dependent action is expressed with an adverbial participle. The main action is conveyed by the verb. If also the main action is conditional (a typical usage), than it can be expressed with a verb of conditional mood. The persons need not coincide.

An example (meant in the British English usage of “shall / should” in the 1st person: here, conveying only conditional, but no necessity or morality):

/mɨŋa iŋɨjaxtɨk-t͡ʃɨ-ʁɨjɨqɨɣɨ-ma, ajvɨʁaʁjuʁuχtɨki/
If I were a marksman, we should kill walrus.

The example in details:

Dependent action:

/iŋɨjaxtɨk-t͡ʃɨ-ʁɨjɨqɨɣɨ-ma/ (if I were a marksman)
Phonology Syntax Semantics
/iŋˈɨːjaxta/ noun marksman
-/t͡ʃɨ/- suffix building a verb out of a noun predicative form of noun
-/ɣɨjɨqɨɣɨ/- / -/majɨqɨɣɨ/- the suffix of the adverbial participle irreal condition
-/ma/ person-number suffix for adverbial participles in the intransitive conjugation subject 1st person

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