Sir Barton Stakes - Winners of The Sir Barton Stakes

Winners of The Sir Barton Stakes

2012 Fifty Proof 6 Justin Stein Ian Black Kinghaven Farms/Fielding/Hutzel 1:43.46
2011 Crowns Path 3 J. M. Stritzl Stable 1:44.01
2010 Sands Cove 5 Ralph L. Johnson 1:44.06
2009 Genius Kinshasa 3 Emile Ramsammy Vito Armata Vito Armata 1:44.26
2008 Dancer's Bajan 4 Patrick Husbands Robert P. Tiller 3 Sons Racing Stable Ltd. 1:43.60
2007 Executive Choice 6 Jim McAleney Reade Baker J. Aston/A. Onesi/Bull Market St 1:42.85
2006 Arch Hall 5 Patrick Husbands Mark E. Casse Melnyk Racing Stable 1:45.89
2005 Arch Hall 4 Patrick Husbands Mark E. Casse Melnyk Racing Stable 1:44.13
2004 Arch Hall 3 Patrick Husbands Mark E. Casse Melnyk Racing Stable 1:45.04
2003 Time Of War 3 Jim McAleney Alec Fehr Knob Hill Stable 1:46.10
2002 Barbeau Ruckus 3 Constant Montpellier Ross Armata T. Thavamalar/J. Armata 1:44.47
2001 Devil Valentine 3 Emile Ramsammy Fenton Platts S. & G. Gibbs 1:45.08
2000 Prince of Style 3 Slade Callaghan Grant Pearce William Diamant 1:45.14
1999 Hot Pepper Hill 3 Robert Landry Macdonald Benson Cedarow Farms 1:45.20
1998 One Way Love 3 David Clark Michael J. Wright, Jr. B. Schickedanz & J. Hillier 1:44.80
1997 Arctic Squall 3 Todd Kabel Tino Attard Shahina Ahmad 1:43.60
1996 Regal Courser 3 Ray Sabourin John A. Ross Stan Richardson 1:45.20
1995 Dr. Ktonborg 3 Emile Ramsammy Don J. Campbell L. B. Sukhdeo 1:45.20
1994 Parental Pressure 3 Robert Landry Fred H. Loschke Hammer Kopf, Corrente & Ptns 1:44.60
1993 Carry The Crown 3 David Clark James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:39.20
1992 Grand Hooley 3 Daniel David Sid C. Attard P. E. L. Racing Stable 1:40.20
1991 Rainbow Gold 3 Daniel David David Guitard Kings Lane Farm 1:40.20
1990 Complete Endeavor 3 Richard Dos Ramos Debbie England Huntington Stud Farm 1:38.40
1989 Twist The Snow 3 Larry Attard R. Poynter Angus McArthur 1:34.00
1988 Bouncing Brave 3 Dave Penna George M. Carter P. Lamantia / J. Russell 1:39.40
1987 Interrex 3 Gary Stahlbaum Phil England Kennedy/Miglietti Estate 1:39.20
1986 Steady Effort 3 Robin Platts Roger Attfield Kinghaven Farms 1:39.40
1985 Bert James 3 Lloyd Duffy Daniel J. Vella Knob Hill Stable 1:39.60
1984 Park Regent 3 Jeffrey Fell Gordon M. Huntley Parkview Stable 1:38.00
1983 Gone To Royalty 3 Irwin Driedger Jacques Dumas Pierre L. Levesque 1:40.20
1982 Son of Briartic 3 Gary Stahlbaum Jerry G. Lavigne Paddockhurst Stable 1:40.60
1981 Play The Hornpipe 3 George HoSang James E. Day Sam-Son Farm 1:37.60
1980 My Only Love 3 Gary Stahlbaum Phil England Mrs. M. Sutherland 1:37.20
1979 Mr. Kapacity 3 B. Smythe W. Norris Paddockhurst Stable 1:40.60
1978 Knight's Turn 3 John Bell Emile M. Allain Mrs. C. Terfloth 1:39.00
1977 Regent Bird 3 Robin Platts Thomas O'Keefe Request Farm 1:41.80
1976 Lucky Conn 3 Jeffrey Fell Donnie Walker Conn Smythe 1:38.40
1975 Banqueroute 3 Lloyd Duffy Jacques Dumas Jean-Louis Levesque 1:25.20

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