Siobhán ( or ; /ʃəˈvɔːn/; or "Shi-vaun"), is a feminine Irish name.

It is derived from the Anglo-Norman Jehane and Jehanne, which were introduced into Ireland by the Anglo-Normans in the Middle Ages. The name is thus a cognate of the English Joan, and ultimately derived from the Latin Ioanna and Iohanna, which are in turn from the Greek Iōanna. This Greek name is a feminine form of the Greek Iōannēs, which is in turn a shortened form of the Hebrew Johanan, meaning "God is gracious".

The popularity of the actress Siobhán McKenna (1923–1986) helped the resurgence of the name (without an accent) in the twentieth century.

The Scottish Gaelic form of the name is Siubhan (which is usually Anglicised Judith). Alternative spellings of Siobhán include: Siobhan, Siobhain, Siobhann, Siobhin, Siobhon, Siobahn, Shivon, Siavon, Siovhan, Shivaune, Shivaun, Shavon, Sioban, Siobain, Shivonne, Shvaugn, Shivaughn, Shivaughne, Shievonne, Shavaughn, Shavaughne, Shavaughan, Shavaugn, Shavaugne, Shavaun, Shavaune, Sheavaughn, Shevaun, Shevawn, Shavone, Shavonne, Chevonne, Chivonne, Chevon and Shivan, and Chivoun

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