Single Frame Intermittent

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Motion Picture Film Scanner - Models
... Single frame intermittent pull-down Lasergraphics - The Director 2K/4K, 19 frames per second Kodak's Cineon, the first system designed for DI work, included a scanner, tapes drives ... ARRI scanner, Arriscan Filmlight - Northlight Film scanning, single frame intermittent scanner IMAGICA Technologies Corp ... IMAGER XE single frame intermittent scanner Cintel's diTTo Continuous motion scanning Lasergraphics - ScanStation 2K, 60+ frames per second Golden Eye Filmscanner 2K at 12 frame/s, 4K at 3 frame/s, HD ...

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    Here [in London, history] ... seemed the very fabric of things, as if the city were a single growth of stone and brick, uncounted strata of message and meaning, age upon age, generated over the centuries to the dictates of some now all-but-unreadable DNA of commerce and empire.
    William Gibson (b. 1948)

    I frame no hypotheses; for whatever is not deduced from the phenomena is to be called a hypothesis; and hypotheses, whether metaphysical or physical, whether of occult qualities or mechanical, have no place in experimental philosophy.
    Isaac Newton (1642–1727)