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Yves Chauvin - Life
... Single, double, or triple chemical bonds connect the atoms in these molecules ... Double bonds are much stronger than single bonds, making it difficult for chemists to break double bonds to form new compounds ... In metathesis, chemists break double bonds more easily by introducing a catalyst—that is, a substance that starts or speeds up a chemical reaction ...
Substituent - Nomenclature
... means that two hydrogens are replaced by a double bond between parent and substituent ... ylidyne means that three hydrogens are replaced by a triple bond between parent and substituent.For multiple bonds of the same type, which link the substituent to the parent group, the prefixes di, tri ... explicit numbering of each yl prefix, even at position 1 (except for -ylidyne, which as a triple bond must terminate the substituent carbon chain) ...
... methine group consists of a carbon atom bound by two single bonds and one double bond, where one of the single bonds is to a hydrogen ... This can also encompass subunits of an aromatic compound, although these do not have discrete single and double bonds ... It is sometimes used non-systematically for a carbon with four single bonds, where one bond is to a hydrogen ...
Bond Valence Method - Theory - The Covalent Model
... Structures containing covalent bonds can be treated using the ionic model providing they satisfy the topological conditions given above, but a special situation applies ... Since these atoms all have bonding strengths of 1.0 vu the bonds between them are all predicted to have integral valences with carbon forming four single bonds and hydrogen ... Under these conditions, the bonds are all single bonds (or multiples of single bonds) ...

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