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Sinar has manufactured many accessories since its establishment, including a unique swing-out filter holder that allows the photographer to use a polarizing filter as well as 4x4 inch gel filters. Sinar also made what many consider to be the best 4x5 reflex attachment that employed an adjustable mirror for the best possible viewing of the image. Adapters (now discontinued) were made by Sinar to adapt this viewer to various other view camera makes such as Plaubel, Linhof, and Toyo. The Zoom series of roll film backs, which allow the use of 120/220 film formats from 6x4.5 to 6x12 formats with excellent film flatness, further extends the format capabilities of the Sinar. The Zoom film backs are usable on any 4x5 camera with an international (Graflok) back. The Sinar LCD shutter system enables their ccd camerabacks to have a much extended density range in video mode for focusing capability in a wider range of ambient lighting. This system has been used in modified mode by RIT to obtain multispectral images suited to aging analysis of color pigments in artworks. More recent innovations are the integration of Canon and Nikon SLR cameras as camera backs onto the P standard with adaptors from fellow Swiss camera accessories manufacturer, Foba and other adaptions enable standard Hasselblad lens to be integrated which results in improved wide angle performance with DSLR cameras

Sinar cameras provided optional lens-independent, automatic, self-cocking shutters with built-in apertures and film plane metering. More recently, Sinar has promoted the use of digital backs especially within the high-end studio environments.

Originally made in Feuerthalen (north of Zurich), Sinar moved its base of operations to Zurich after separating from Jenoptik in October 2009.

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