Silvia Hartmann - Energy EFT

Gary Craig created the original EFT therapy and following his retirement in 2011, Silvia Hartmann developed her own version of the method called Energy EFT. The main differences include:

  • The proposition that energy based therapies such as EFT should be a separate field to that of psychology
  • Heart & Soul tapping protocol which includes a breathing technique
  • Removal of compound set-up statements. For example, the following set-up statement in classic EFT “Even though I’m afraid of spiders, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself” would be “Afraid of spiders” in Energy EFT.
  • SUE (Subjective Units of Experience) scale (-10 to +10) to replace SUD scale (10 to 0) for measuring effectiveness and change within a client.
  • Classic EFT is only aimed at releasing negative emotions, whereas Energy EFT switches from releasing negative emotions to building upon positive emotions

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