Silver Line (Los Angeles Metro) - Ridership and Reliability

Ridership and Reliability

Weekday ridership has risen from about 7,000 passengers when the service started in December 2009 to 7,741 in September 2010 (partly due to passengers switched from the Foothill Transit Silver Streak), 10,414 and September 2011 and 13,765 by October 2012.A ridership report of the line on May 2013 indicated average weekday ridership was roughly 12,799, average Saturday boardings was 5,553 and average Sunday and holiday boardings was 3,708.

The on-time performance of the Metro Silver Line is currently around 77.8%. On time performance increased to 80% since the opening of the Metro Express Project is complete.With less cars on the hov lanes, the buses operate at faster speeds and less traffic on the lanes.

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