Silver Fangs

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Garou Tribes - Tribal Descriptions - Shadow Lords
... To the other tribes, the Shadow Lords’ goal is simple to push the Silver Fangs off the throne and obtain power over the Garou Nation the Shadow ... Because of this rivalry, and of the apparent descent of Gaia's favor to the Silver Fangs (each new cub has either a physical or mental deformity from ...
Garou Tribes - Tribal Descriptions - Silver Fangs
... Silver Fang Tribal glyph Totem Falcon Notable aliases Fangs Alliances Garou Nation Sourcebooks Silverfang Tribebook Silverfang Tribebook revised The Silver ... and warriors have come from the ranks of the Silver Fangs, in recent centuries the tribe's stock has fallen dramatically among its ostensible citizenry ... Still, the Silver Fangs are far from defunct, and the rise of dynamic young leaders like King Albrecht in North America and Queen Tamara Tvarivich in Russia, along with the continued patronage of its ...

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    Lena Guilbert Ford (1870–1916)