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During astral projection and out-of-body experiences, some claim they can (at will or otherwise) see a silver cord linking their astral form to their physical body. This cord mainly appears to a beginning projector as an assurance they will not become lost. However, even experienced projectors find it useful, claiming it is a fast way to return to the body.

Ballabene, on the other hand, stated that the cord not only serves as a link between the two bodies, but it also limits the astral body to wander in great distance. His experiment showed that as the astral body moves farther away from the physical body and reaches a distance of "50 to 70 meters," the silver cord pulls the astral form right back into the physical body.

Others asserted though, that the cases of silver cord observations during out-of-body experiences and astral projections are rare; rather, no astral body is observed and the projector sees himself or herself as a "disembodied awareness or a point of view" in most cases.

Passing through a tunnel is compared to the birth canal, and the silver cord resembling the umbilical cord - these are a few observations during out-of-body experiences that are sometimes likened to childbirth. "Birth theories" hypothesized that people who had Caesarean section during childbirth do not have tunnel experiences during astral projections. On the contrary, one study showed that there is no discrepancy between the experiences observed by people who are born throughCaesarean section and the people who are born normally during their OBE or astral projection.

The attachment point of the cord to the astral body differs, not only between projectors but also from projection to projection. These points correspond to major chakra positions. According to the observations of Robert Bruce, there is not a single point of connection to the denser body, but rather a locally converging collection of strands leading out of all of the major chakras, and some of the minor ones (Astral Dynamics, p398).

The silver cord is mentioned by mystics, especially in contexts of dying and of near-death experiences. It is said that the cord must remain connected to the astral and the physical bodies during the projection because if it breaks, the projector will die. If a person gets older or if their death is near, the astral body slowly separates itself from the physical body and the silver cord breaks, making a complete and irreversible separation of the two bodies. In this situation, the idea of death and dying is interpreted as a "permanent astral projection" that cannot be undone.

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