Silurian (Doctor Who)

The Silurians are a race of reptile-like humanoids in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The species first appeared in Doctor Who in the 1970 serial Doctor Who and the Silurians, and were created by Malcolm Hulke. The first Silurians introduced are depicted as prehistoric and scientifically advanced sentient humanoids who predate the dawn of man; in their fictional backstory, the Silurians went into self-induced hibernation to survive what they predicted to be a large geological upheaval caused by the Earth capturing the Moon. The Silurians introduced in the 1970 story are broad, three-eyed land-dwellers. The 1972 serial The Sea Devils introduced their amphibious cousins, the so-called 'Sea Devils'. Another name, "Homo reptilia", is mentioned in passing by the Doctor during "The Hungry Earth", and latter by his companion Amy Pond in "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship", taken from the novelisation of their first appearance written by Malcolm Hulke. The terms "Silurians" and "Eocenes" are human misnomers.

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Silurian (Doctor Who) - Appearances - Audio Drama
... Siluriansalso feature in the Big Finish Productions audio play Bloodtide 2001) in which the Sixth Doctorintervenes when Charles Darwin and the HMS Beagle expedition encounter a rogue Siluriangroup in ... the leader of this group had been responsible for creating humanity'sprehistoric ancestors via a forbidden breeding program,sabotaging the Silurianstasis chambers to ... In UNIT The Coup 2004) the Siluriansattempt to finally make peace with the humans,though the general public believes it to be a stunt involving men in rubber suits ...