Silicon Compound

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National Medal Of Technology And Innovation - Laureates
... development of the tandem rotor helicopter (Flying Banana), the compound aircraft (an innovative VTOL design), and other contributions to vertical lift aircraft…" 1986 S ... and contributions to the commercialization of the integrated circuit and the silicon thermal print-head for his contributions to the development of the first ... computing technologies and for his technical and leadership skills in building Silicon Graphics, Inc ...
Silicon Compounds - Production - Electronic Grade
... The use of silicon in semiconductor devices demands a much greater purity than afforded by metallurgical grade silicon ... Very pure silicon (>99.9%) can be extracted directly from solid silica or other silicon compounds by molten salt electrolysis ... as 1854 (see also FFC Cambridge process), has the potential to directly produce solar-grade silicon without any carbon dioxide emission at much lower energy consumption ...

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    We are all aware that speech, like chemistry, has a structure. There is a limited set of elements—vowels and consonants—and these are combined to produce words which, in turn, compound into sentences.
    Roger Brown (b. 1925)