Signal Lights

Signal lights may refer to:

  • Traffic light, signal lights controlling automotive & pedestrian traffic flow
  • Turn signals, signal lights indicating automotive change of direction
  • Railway signalling, use of signal lights to control train traffic flow
  • Signal lamp, a device for communicating between ships with flashing lights.

Other articles related to "signal, lights":

British Army During World War I - Doctrine - Communications
... The Royal Engineers Signal Service, formed in 1912, was given responsibility for communications that included signal dispatch, telegraph, telephone and later wireless communications ... For most of the war, the Army's primary methods of communication were signal dispatch (employing runners, messengers on horseback, dogs, and carrier pigeons), visual signalling ... types of visual signalling were Semaphore flags, lamps and flags, lamps and lights, and the heliograph ...

Famous quotes containing the words lights and/or signal:

    Thus while I sit and sigh the day
    With all his borrow’d lights away,
    Till night’s black wings do overtake me,
    Thinking on thee, thy beauties then,
    As sudden lights do sleepy men,
    So they by their bright rays awake me.
    Sir John Suckling (1609–1642)

    Certainly the effort to remain unchanged, young, when the body gives so impressive a signal of change as the menopause, is gallant; but it is a stupid, self-sacrificial gallantry, better befitting a boy of twenty than a woman of forty-five or fifty. Let the athletes die young and laurel-crowned. Let the soldiers earn the Purple Hearts. Let women die old, white-crowned, with human hearts.
    Ursula K. Le Guin (b. 1929)