SIGAL (insurance Company)

SIGAL UNIQA Group AUSTRIA is the leading insurance company in Albania, established in February 1999, following the liberalization of Albanian's insurance market in the same year. Since 2002 SIGAL is the leader with more than 30% of shares of the non -life insurance, life insurance and private pensions market in Albania.

The American-Albanian Fund of Enterprises was the first foreign investor that entered in the market though the acquisition of 13.3% of SIGAL's shares in 2003.

UNIQA Group AUSTRIA, one of the leading insurance company in Austria and one of the strongest financial groups in CEE, is the major shareholder of SIGAL UNIQA Group AUSTRIA ( 68.64% of shares). UNIQA has been continually rated with 'A' by 'Standard&Poor's' and has a strong presence in 21 European countries.

Since 2005 Finance Central Europe has continually awarded SIGAL UNIQA Group AUSTRIA AS 'The Best Insurance Company in Albania'.

SIGAL operates through 50 branches and 500 agencies in Albania, Kosova and Macedonia providing all types of Life and Non-Life Insurance products.