Sidemount - Configurations - Backplate and Wing Harness Adaptation

Backplate and Wing Harness Adaptation

Rigid Hogarthian style backplate and wing BCD systems may be modified by adding butt-plates, bungee cords and optional special sidemount buoyancy compensators. Cylinders are supported at the valve end by bungee loops that run from the backplate to the front chest D-rings. The lower cylinder clip attaches to D-rings mounted on the waist belt or 'rails' on a butt plate.

Sidemount divers who conduct penetration diving in confined overhead environments (wreck diving or cave diving) will generally prefer a soft fabric backplate, or webbing harness only, owing to the risk of a solid backplate becoming stuck in a small restriction.

An example of a commercial backplate and wing harness adapter, including integrated butt plate and attachment points for bungee loops, is the OMS Profile.

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