Side Reins

Side reins are equipment used when longeing a horse, running from the bit of the bridle to the saddle or surcingle. As a horse training tool, they encourage flexion and softness in the horse's mouth. For longe work with a rider up who does not carry ordinary riding reins, they help calm and settle the animal. However, they are a tool best used by experienced handlers; used improperly they may unduly restrict the horse's movement or cause an accident.

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Side Reins - The Sliding Side Rein/Lauffer Rein
... The sliding side rein gives a bit more freedom to the horse than the standard side rein ... Like the side rein, the lauffer rein is adjusted so that the horse has contact with it when his head is at or just in front of the vertical ... Green horses should have the lauffer rein attached to a lower and middle surcingle rein, while more advanced horses can have the reins raised to a middle ...
Surcingle - Uses
... which to attach training equipment such as side reins, overcheck, lauffer reins (sliding side reins), or chambons ... important in long lining or ground driving, as it provides rings for the long reins to run through ... surcingle allows more precise adjustment of side reins due to the placement of additional rings ...

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