Siddiqis in The Horn of Africa - Common Ancestor

Common Ancestor

The Muslim cleric Sheikh Abadir Umar Ar-Rida (Abadir Omar Al-Rida ibn Muhammad ibn Shamsadin Al-Bakri Al-Siddiqi) is traditionally regarded as the common ancestor of the Siddiqi families in the Horn region. Ar-Rida is the main figure in the Fath Madinat Harar, an unpublished history of the city of Harar in the 13th century. According to the account, Ar-Rida, along with several other saints, came from the Hijaz region of present-day Saudi Arabia to Harar in 612H (1216 AD). The Sheikh is said to have then fathered six sons, whom the Siddiqis regard as their forebears.

Sheikh Ar-Rida's tomb is located inside the walled city. A few meters away, there is also a mosque that bears his name.

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