Shuwa may mean

  • Shuwa Arabic, the Afro-Arabic language spoken in Sudan, Chad and other states of Sahelian Africa
  • The mostly Arab speakers of this language also known as Baggara
  • The Japanese Sign Language (手話)
  • Honinbo Shuwa, a Japanese professional go player

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Chadian Arabic
... Chadian Arabic (also known as Shuwa/Shua/Suwa Arabic (French Arabe Choa/Chowa), L'arabe du Tchad, Baggara Arabic, and, most recently, within a small scholarly milieu ... The term "Shuwa Arabic", found in 20th-century Western linguistic scholarship, properly refers only to the Nigerian dialects of this particular language, and even then, "Shuwa" is not used by those speakers themselves ...
... account about Baggara of Sudan see Baggara of Sudan Culture and Environment, also known as Shuwa/Diffa Arabs in Chad and West Africa, derives from Arabic word (Arabic بقارة‎) literally means "Cowman ... For much of the 20th century, this language was known to academics as "Shuwa Arabic", but "Shuwa" is a geographically and socially parochial term that has fallen into disuse among linguists ... The term "Shuwa" is peculiar to the region of Borno State in the tip of northeastern Nigeria, where it is used by the majority non-Arabic speakers to describe the Arabic speakers among them ...
Honinbo Shuwa - Career
... when the Honinbo house lodged a complaint with the government, leading to the first game between Shuwa and Genan in 1840 ... Shuwa won this game by 4 points (on black), leaving Genan so dismayed by his strength that he discontinued the series and withdrew his application ... The subsequent games in 1842 were attempts by Genan to show he could beat Shuwa taking white (even though he could take black every 3rd game, as befitted a difference of 1 ...