Shrike (racing Car)

Shrike is a racing car developed in Australia by the Croydon Park Institute of TAFE in 1988 and 1989. It was developed for the then new Formula Holden category which mandated an aluminium tub monocoque, powered by a Buick sourced 3.8 litre Holden V6 engine, as used in the Holden Commodore at that time. The car proved to be instantly competitive in the Australian Drivers' Championship against designs from Elfin Sports Cars and Cheetah Racing Cars and imported Formula 3000 chassis from Ralt. Mark Poole placed second in the 1990 Australian Drivers' Championship at the wheel of a Shrike.

Five cars, referred to as the NB89H, were built, and continued to be raced in Formula Holden into the late 1990s.