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As well as genuine factory-built engines, a great number of engines were converted from conventional road locomotives to full showman's engines by both the showmen, and by private concerns, like Openshaw's. Most of the converted engines were ex-War Dept Fowler's and Mclaren's. Others were powerful 'contractor's' type road locomotives, many of these were a cheap and powerful alternative to factory models, and they were plentiful following World War I.

As well as full conversions showmen, were also experts in adding extra dynamos, or fitting their own designs of crane and canopies. This led to a world of variation in the engines. Some 'home-made' designs were better than others, but many have survived.

Due to the demand & 'Prestige' attached to showman's engines in recent years a number of engines, mainly road rollers have been converted by preservationists. This practice is causing concern amongst some enthusiasts as in some cases unique examples of some models have been lost. In a few case owners have converted engine back during restoration to their original form.

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