Shower (juggling)

Shower (juggling)

A shower is a juggling pattern for 2 or more objects, most commonly balls or bean bags, where objects are thrown in a circular motion. Balls are thrown high from one hand to the other while the other hand passes the ball back horizontally. The animation depicts a 3-ball version. Siteswap notation for shower patterns is (2n-1)1, where n is the number of objects juggled. (i.e. 31 for 2 balls, 51 for 3 balls, 71 for 4 balls, etc...) The circular motion of the balls is commonly represented in cartoons as the archetypical juggling pattern, somewhat at odds with reality, where the cascade is more common. By constantly reversing the direction, the box pattern can be formed.

There are two different types of shower : synchronous shower, where both hands throw their ball at the same time and asynchronous shower.

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... One attraction of the showerpattern is that it does not change with increasing numbers of props ... The easiest showeris the two-ball shower although some jugglers may consider that it is not jugglingat all ... Performed continuously, this is a two-ball shower ...

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